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Sales and Marketing

Our client base is skilled and highly experinced at producing outcomes for their clients but are unlikley to have professional business development or sales skills "in house". This role will be to work with our clients to facilitate and develop stronger relationships with their existing clients and to build new relationships to facilitate expansion of our clients' business networks.

Business Development Manager

Job Description

  • Investigate the economic conditions surrounding business activity such as industry trends and competition.
  • Conduct extensive market research and continue gathering information throughout the life of the business.
  • Prepare detailed business plans to keep clear goals and objectives.
  • Secure sufficient financial resources for future development or expansion.
  • Contact professional advisors such as an accountant, banker and/or lawyer to provide expert information.
  • Network with other businesspeople; establish support groups.
  • Attend workshops, trade shows, and seminars to keep up-to-date on changes in the industry.
  • Adopt a team approach; work with others in pursuing common goals.
  • Understand the skills and qualities you bring to your business.
  • Develop a situation analysis of client companies including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to assist in the development of a strategic plans for the future of the businesses.

Please contact Roy Hamilton with any enquiries